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Cool Caninez is open for boarding 365 days a year. While your dog is here they will receive only the best care. All dogs are fed and sleep in individual indoor crates. During the day dogs who enjoy socializing with other dogs get to do so outside in our large fenced yards. If your dog is more shy they still have the opportunity to play outside independently or they can stay cozy inside in their crate. 

  • Daycare is included for ALL boarding dogs! No hidden extra fees for playtime. The only difference between daycare and boarding is that boarding dogs eat their meals and stay overnight at Cool Caninez.

  • We accept ALL breeds here at Cool Caninez. Intact dogs of all ages are always welcome.

  • All dogs go through a behavior assessment their first day to decide whether they're a good fit for group play or if private playtime better fits their needs. All dogs get outdoor playtime with no added costs.


Overnight Dog Boarding: $40/night

  • We charge like a hotel, we have a morning pickup window for checkout. If a dog is picked up within the morning pickup window then there is no extra charge. However, if dogs stay past that time then we charge a PM Checkout Fee of $25 per dog.

  • Our morning pickup window ends at 10:00am on weekdays and 12:00pm on weekends.

*Holiday Rate: $45/night (Holidays Rates)

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