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 Send your active pup to play while you are busy during the day! Great for dogs who need lots of exercise, socialization, frequent potty breaks, extra supervision, or just want to get out of the house. Daycare is great for getting the dogs young and old out of the house and used to spending time with other dogs and people. Daycare is available for dogs of all ages, sizes, & breeds.​

  • Let your dog come get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors! We are located on 5 beautiful acres in the country. We have multiple large securely fenced playyards where dogs play outside rain or shine. Your dog gets to come romp & play in a beautiful natural environment while making lots of new friends.

  • Playgroup numbers are kept small with only 3-12 dogs in a group at a time. Unlike traditional daycares that have 20-70+ dogs in a group, we feel that dogs are much more comfortable and happier in smaller groups. It also keeps the play environment safer for everyone. 

  • Dogs rotate between outdoor playtime and indoor rest time. This gives pups a chance to take a very needed physical and mental break to recharge between playtimes. It also helps us ensure playgroups stay small.

  • All dogs go through a behavior assessment their first day to decide whether they're a good fit for group play or if private playtime better fits their needs. We do not discriminate based on breed or require dogs be altered by a certain age. (Please check out our FAQ page to learn more.)

Daycare Hours

Regular Daycare Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

By Appointment

Dropoff 7:30am-10:00am 

Pickup 4:30pm-7:00pm

Daycare Pricing

Doggy Daycare: $30/day


Daycare Packages:

5 Day Pack: $140 ($2 discount/day)

10 Day Pack: $270 (10% discount)

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