Frequently asked questions

What vaccinations are required?

We require all dogs stay up to date with the following vaccines:

  1. Rabies (either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted)
  2. Distemper/Parvo Combo DHPP or DHLPP (either 1 or 3 year vaccine accepted) Must NOT be given within 14 days of any visit.
*We do NOT require the Bordetella/Canine Cough vaccine but if you choose to give this vaccine we require that it is administered at least 14 days prior to their visit. This is to protect the other dogs in our care as this vaccine "sheds" and can be very contagious to other dogs during this time period. Proof of vaccinations MUST be uploaded to their pet profile prior to your dog's first stay. All vaccines MUST be administered by a licensed veterinarian, we unfortunately cannot accept vaccines given at home.

What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?

The Only Thing You Are Required To Bring Is... FOOD: (Boarding Only) We require that dogs boarding with us bring their own food from home. This best for their digestive system and helps them avoid extra stress on their digestive system during their stay. At Cool Caninez we feed all dogs twice daily (unless for specific medical reasons) in their own separate space. Please do not bring bowls from home, we have plenty here for your dog to use during their stay. If possible, please bring your dog's food in ziplock bags individually-portioned for each meal so we can make sure your dog gets the right amount at each meal and so we can track their consumption to make sure they're eating well. Please make sure to bring enough food for breakfast and dinner each day of your dog's entire stay plus enough extra for at least two extra days in case you are delayed or need to extend their stay. If you feed canned food or any supplements, please bring those along (portioned into their meals when possible). We have a refrigerator/freezer to accommodate specialty foods requiring refrigeration. Bedding: (Optional) We have found that some dogs destroy bedding while boarded, as it stays with them in their crate overnight. If you feel that your dog must have their own bedding from home, we will take it with the understanding that you may not get it back in the shape it was when you dropped it off. Most dogs are totally fine without bedding in their crate with them during their stay. Toys: Please do not bring toys or chews with your dog for their stay. Leash & Collar: For the safety of your dog and others please remember to walk your dog to & from your vehicle on a leash. Snohomish County law REQUIRES that dogs be leashed at ALL times when away from home and not in fenced areas. Keep in mind, your dog may be well behaved but another dog on the property may not. If you happen to forget a leash please let us know and we will provide a slip lead for you to borrow to safely bring your dog onto the property.

What should you remember when you get your dog home after their stay?

It is best to wait at least 30 minutes after arriving home to offer food or water. It is normal for dogs to be thirsty when they get home. Many dogs get extremely excited about seeing their owners and pant heavily in their excitement. This causes loss of water vapor. DO NOT let them drink large quantities of water, quickly. This could upset their stomachs and cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. Loose stools can also be caused by a diet change or stress, and it is not abnormal for your pet to exhibit this after a boarding stay. It is not unusual for a dog to be tired for a few days after going home from the kennel. It is much like people that have been staying in motels; you just don’t rest as well away from home. Chances are, also, that your dog has been very active or more active than normal during his stay with us.

How do I make a reservation for my dog?

We do all of our bookings online. All you need to do is create an online profile for your dog by clicking the "BOOK NOW" button. We require that all clients and dogs have a completed profile with general information about your dog, their vaccinations, and a signed release form prior to staying with us. This helps us have all the important information we need to help your dog have a fun and comfortable stay with us. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or text us at 206-518-7433.

Do you accept intact dogs? (Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered)

Yes! We are one of the few facilities in the area that does not require that dogs of any age be spayed/neutered in order to stay with us. Intact dogs are just as welcome at Cool Caninez as altered dogs. All dogs go through a behavior assessment their first day to decide whether they're a good fit for group play or if private playtime better fits their needs. All dogs get outdoor playtime with no added costs, whether private or group play. We do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered at any age. We do not accept females while they are in heat.

Do you have breed restrictions?

No. We accept ALL breeds here at Cool Caninez. All dogs go through a behavior assessment their first day to decide whether they're a good fit for group play or if private playtime better fits their needs. All dogs get outdoor playtime with no added costs, whether private or group play.

Holiday Stay Policies

50% Deposit Required for all Boarding Reservations Between December 21st-January 3rd Deposits are refundable up until one week prior to the start of your dog's reservation. Deposits can be paid by Venmo, or in person with cash. All holiday stays must be paid in in full at drop off. Reservations that are shortened within one week of your dog's stay will still be charged for the full original reservation. Reservations can be extended at any time.