Overnight Dog Boarding: $40/night

  • We charge like a hotel, we have a morning pickup window for checkout. If a dog is picked up within the morning pickup window then there is no extra charge. However, if dogs stay past that time then we charge a PM Checkout Fee of $25 per dog.

  • Our morning pickup window ends at 10:00am on weekdays and 12:00pm on weekends.

*Holiday Rate: $45/night (2020 Holidays Rates)


  • Additional dog same family: $38/night

  • Extended stays after day 10: $38/night

*Ask us about discounts for long term stays

Doggy Daycare: $30/day

Daycare Packages:

5 Day Pack: $140 ($2 discount/day)

10 Day Pack: $270 (10% discount)


* Holiday Rates are in effect the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend
4th of July Week

Labor Day Weekend
Thanksgiving Week:
 November 23rd-30th
Winter Holiday Break: December 21st-January 3rd